Why Subconscious Security?


Whether you like it or not, your mind is exploited by others every day. Most of the time its harmless, sometimes useful – but sometimes completely against your better judgement or wishes.

The more self-aware you become, and the more you learn about automatic and subconscious processes – the more control you have. You can build up a strengthened “firewall” against people who might know how your mind works better than you do.

The Mind’s Power to Create and Destroy

The Subconscious Mind is the most powerful resource you have. The power to drive an amazing life, achieve great feats, create a masterpiece, execute the most ambitious ideas.

Every human feat and achievement, every building, every business and every moment of genius can be attributed to the subconscious mind’s ability to create an idea and pursue it (or program an idea and execute it).

But achieving that optimum state of “flow” is challenging – our programmed subconscious minds gather plenty of “malware” along the way – expectations, false beliefs, bad associations, emotional insecurities and negative resistances. The same huge resource of life-changing power can instead be used to drive a life into the ground (whether the same life or someone elses), distract people away from their true goals, create addictions, fears and insecurities that become life-long barriers to personal freedom. A person can easily become trapped by the power of their own subconsicous mind.

Ignorance is Vulnerability

If the subconscious mind is our most powerful resource, you’d have thought that we would spend more time getting to know it, to understand it. To became aware of its tendencies, to avoid irrational thought patterns, to recognise when we’re being led astray by subconscious issues.

You’d have thought that we spend time learning how to program it more successfully, setting goals, learning to visualise and to recognise our emotions, to protect ourselves against unwanted influences.

But the vast majority don’t.

Our subconscious minds are wide open to negative experiences, false learnings, associative emotional conditioning, the pressures and expectations of society, and being exploited by salesman, con men, the media, advertising, and everyone else around us.

It’s no wonder that depression is on the increase.

You may have noticed fear and confusion also seem to be blossoming – something that governments have long recognised to be a very useful way of rendering a person more open to subconscious influence.

Knowledge is Power

The good news is that the Subconscious is quite predictable – it has some strong instinctive tendencies which fall into predictable patterns. The tendencies of the subconscious mind can be used for benefit – if you know how – to set successful goals, overcome inner conflicts, and gain greater control over seemingly automatic responses, thoughts and feelings.

The Dark Side

But there’s a flipside. Those same tendencies can be used against you. Every system has its exploits and weaknesses – and they can easily be used against you. Con men, manipulators, psychopaths, advertisers, salesman, cult leaders, jealous partners, bad managers, hypnotists and plenty of others – knowingly or unknowingly – can influence your subconscious mind against your best interests.

Subconscious Security

Subconscious security is therefore about:

  • Becoming more aware of your subconscious mind, its strengths and weaknesses
  • Becoming more aware about how the subconscious mind can be manipulated (either positively or negatively)
  • Learning to condition yourself for more useful responses, and break existing responses that aren’t useful
  • Using your awarenesses and conditioning to protect yourself against subconscious breaches.

  4 Responses to “Why Subconscious Security?”

  1. Your content is 100% accurate. I wish to learn more. What do you have to offer or suggest?

    Thank you in advance for whatever reply you give.

  2. After doing lots of research on how the subconscious is being manipulated and controlled, it is apparent that those who’ve created these electronic computerized cognizant communing systems did so with the intent of manipulating and controlling the subconscious in order to, as one prominent Luciferian put it, “tap the genius of the beast”. The “beast” is a symbol of the carnal “spirit” that rules the subconscious mind!

  3. Nice article! What’s your take on mind control through subconscious breach?

  4. Poonam Uppal of http://www.divineblissinternational.org is an expert of Sub conscious manipulation which makes her a very dangerous leader indeed.

    The cruelty of it is that it is diguised under the garb of a Guru, the saint, healer etc. which makes it doubly effective as it naturally puts them in a place of authority and understanding that most of her followers cant compete with.

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