Tools and Training for Subconscious Awareness


The subconscious mind is powerful – fixed ideas will always manifest in reality, one way or another, negative or positive. Yet we rarely look after our fixed ideas, and most are implanted by others.

The subconscious mind is aware – we’ve evolved to recognise the tiniest signals in people and the environment, which is exactly why body language exists. Yet we listen more to our conscious thoughts, because we’ve lost confidence in our instincts.

The subconscious mind is automatic – it responds in predictable ways to certain stimuli and contexts, such as hypnosis, suggestion and influence. Yet we’re rarely aware of how those processes work, and are often exploited.

The subconscious mind is our most valuable tool for living – yet we’re vulnerable to unwanted influence, lies, negative self-beliefs, manipulation, conflicts and turmoils. Because we lack self awareness and control.

Subconscious Security

By absorbing tools, techniques and awareness from a range of related disciplines, you’ll be better protected from:

  • Unwanted influential breaches
  • Con artists
  • Psychological Manipulation
  • False beliefs
  • Unwanted associations
  • Covert aggression
  • Negative barriers

By Learning:

  • Tendencies and mechanisms of the Subconscious Mind
  • Tactics used by manipulators
  • Dynamics of classic cons
  • Self awareness
  • Rational Thinking
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